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Our Company Achieved Fully Success in the Frankfurt Book Fair 2018

Date:2018-10-18 Author:International Cooperation Department

Under the leadership of Vice President Mrs. Wang Liandi, a team of 8 from our company has accomplished our participation in the Frankfurt Book Fair from 10 to 14 October, 2018 through efficient, orderly and intense work, and achieved a complete success.



Focusing on seeking international development, in addition to the in-depth discussions with international strategic partners such as Oxford University Press, MIT Press and De Gruyter Press, our company proceeded negotiations with publishers from France, the United States, Britain, Germany, Egypt, India, Lebanon, Turkey and Singapore for about 50 rounds, and has reached intentions to more than 10 titles of intentional copyrights export in Arabic and English together with about 30 titles of copyrights import in this book fair.

This is the 10th year we participated as an independent customer in the Frankfurt Book Fair. Multiple cultural trade exchanges will help our company further explore international publishing resources, develop copyrights trade, promote more excellent books into the international market and build our international brand.